DECEMBER 28, 1945 TO FEBUARY 23, 1946



The war diary accounts for USS Ashland enroute Saipan from Pearl Harbor on 6 June 1945, thence to Samar, Phillipines, Leyte Gulf Phillipines, Kerama Retto, Okinawa, back to Leyte Gulf, back to Okinawa, back to San Pedro Bay, PI. 


Underway to Eniwetok July 30, 1945.  Left Eniwetok Aug 11 (Hiroshima Aug 6 and Nagasaki Aug 9 Japanese surrender Aug 14) for Esprito Santo, New Hebrides.


Aug 17 underway for Okinawa, September 1” Steaming independently in the right semi circle of a typhoon……45 degree rolls……damaged PT boats # 474 and 477.”  On Aug 2 “Riding out storm, wind, and sea.”


Aug5 arrived Buckner Bay then to Samar, PI, back to Okinawa, ….
Sep 26 underway Jinsen Korea, Oct2 Leyte Gulf PI, back to Okinawa.


November 3 underway Shanghai, China with Keller DE 419. Anchored Nov 4 Yantze River.  Nov 8 underway with Keller to Taku China. Anchored Taku Bay . 1 Dec to 28 Dec Assigned to 7th fleet Anchored in Taku Bay China to service and repair small craft.  Underway Jinsen, Korea December 28.


It is at this point the decklogs films at the National Archives leaves us. Here are verbatim extracts from the diary I read in 1985 that pick up after December 28, 1945.



Dec 28             Underway Jinsen Korea

Jan 1                Anchored Jinsen Korea. PhibGroup 8

Jan 5                Underway Guadal Canal Solomon Islands

Jan 18              Anchored 1311 Guadal Canal Kukum Anchorage

Jan 19             Moored port side Kukum dock

Jan 24              Underway 0632 Russel Islands Anchored 1114 Renard Sound R.I. Loaded small craft.
Underway Espirito Santo New Hebrides 1510.

Jan 26              Anchored Esprito Santo, New Hebrides. Loaded boats and 1 30 foot cruiser

Jan 29              Underway Noumea New Caledonia

Jan 30              Anchored Great Road, Noumea, New Caledonia

Feb 1               Loaded Army passengers at Noumea, New Caledonia. Loaded 130 Navy Personnel for further transfer. Pearl Harbor and San Francisco.

Feb 3               Underway Pearl Harbor

Feb 13             Moored berth X 2 Pearl Harbor 0758. Discharged cargo and personnel. Docked LCT 1348 for San Francisco.

Feb 16             Underway 1600 San Francisco

Feb 23             09432 stood in San Francisco Bay, California U.S.A. Transferred passenger officer and enlisted personnel. Anchored in San Francisco Bay. //s// T. E. Hatch



Copied in 1985 by Meredith "S" Laird ( A radioman striker USS ASHLAND, June 1945 to March 1946)  FROM THE War Diary of the USS ASHLAND on file at the U.S. NAVY MUSEUM OF HISTORY, NAVAL GUN FACTORY, WASHINGTON, D.C.

The Ashland left San Francisco on 10 March 1946 for San Diego where she moored alongside USS Belle Grove. Both ships reported to COM19thFlt for inactivation. I left her shortly after arrival in San Francisco and with a shipmate Kemp traveled to New Orleans for separation. Kemp returned to a railroad job and I returned to school for a year before reenlisting and serving out a 20 year career then another 20 years with Communications Headquarters in Washington, D.C. before retiring to Williamsburg, VA. - Meredith "S" Laird