(The following was taken from the USS Ashland Organizational Book, dated March 30, 1953.  This being some six and a half years after Ashland was decommissioned in 1946, most of this information should remain the same.)


The Landing Ship Dock is a special amphibious type vessel designed to participate in assault landings and to provide repair and dry docking services to certain types of amphibious ships and craft.


(a) Principle Dimensions of Hull:


1.  Length (Overall)........................................................            457'9"

2.  Length between perpendiculars..................................            454'0"

3.  Beam (At waterline)..................................................            72'0"

4.  Draft (D.W.L.)..........................................................            4'0"

5.  Maximum Speed.......................................................            15.5 Knots

6.  Displacement (Light Condition)................................         4,055 Tons

7.  Displacement (Loaded Condition).............................            7,404 Tons

8.  Length of Dock (Inside)............................................  394'0"

9.  Width of Dock (Fr. 29-112)......................................            44'0"

10. Width of Dock (Fr. 15-29).......................................            24'0"


(b) Mast Head Heights:


1.  Main Truck Above main deck beading ....................            70'0"

2.  Fore Truck above main deck beading.......................            64'0"

3.  Main Truck above top of black boot topping ..........  86'0"

4.  Fore Truck above top of black boot topping............          86'0"

5.  Top of highest radar above top of black boot topping  98'0"


(c) Capacity Tables of Tanks:


1.  Ballast Tanks (100%).......................  437.07 Tons

2.  Ballast in Fuel Oil Tanks..................  1889.60 Tons

3.  Fuel Oil Tanks (95%).......................  1777.16 Tons

4.  Reserve Feed Water Tanks ..............   225.98 Tons

5.  Fresh Water Tanks ...........................  126.42 Tons

6.  Diesel Oil Tanks (95%)....................   21.44 Tons

7.  Gasoline (100%) ..............................  16.63 Tons

8.  Fog Oil (95%) .................................   21.44 Tons


(d) Armament:


1.  One (1) 5"/38 cal. open mount dual purpose gun with 51 director, Mk. 14.

2.  Two (2) 40mm Quad. AA Machine Guns with 51 directors, Mk. 14 sights.

3.  Six (6) 40mm Twin AA Machine Guns with 51 directors, Mk. 14 sights.

4.  Twelve (12) 20mm AA Machine Guns with Mk. 14 sights.


(e) Ballast System:


The clean ballast system is served by four (4) single stage, 4,000 rpm, centrifugal pumps with 14 inch suction and 12 inch discharge connections, driven by four 43 H.P geared steam turbines.  The normal function of the system is the ballasting and unballasting of the ship for the docking and undocking of small vessels.


Valves marked "A-6" to "A-10" inclusive are operated manually from either pump room.  Twenty-three "B" valves are motor operated but can be operated by hand.  Eight (C) valves and six (T) valves are hand operated.


Tanks located below the third deck are flooded by gravity or pumping and draining by pumping;  tanks above the third deck are flooded by pumping and drained either by gravity or pumping.


(f) Stern Gate:


The ship is equipped with a steel stern gate, hinged at the bottom, which can be lowered into the water to permit small landing craft to enter the well deck when the ship is in a ballasted condition.


(g) Water Barrier:


A water barrier, approximately 12 feet high, with a water tight gate provides a maneuvering space for one LCU.  This barrier is located at frame 80.  The purpose is to keep equipment forward of Frame 80 dry while operating an LCU aft of Frame 80.  The gate which is located in the center can be lowered to provide a ramp for running vehicles into the forward part of the well deck after the LSD has deballasted sufficiently.


(h) Main Propulsion:


The main propulsion plant of this vessel consists of two steam boilers, two steam uniflow reciprocating engines and two drive shafts with propellers.


The boilers are manufactured by Babcock & Wilson, having two drums, single pass, water type, and are oil fired.  The forced draft is the closed fireroom type.


The main engines are two uniflow marine engines manufactured by the Skinner Engine Co.  They have five cylinders each and develop 3700 Shaft Horsepower each at 210 rpm or a total of 7,400 shaft horsepower.


There are two propellers, 11'9" in diameter and with a 9'9" pitch.


(i) Electrical Plant:


The ship's electrical generating equipment consists of two (2), 300KW, General Electric turbo-electric generators.  Number 1 generator is located in the starboard pump room at frame 51 together with it's switchboard.  Number two generator is located in the port pumproom at frame 51 together with it's switchboard.  Power is generated at 230 volts on a 3 wire balance coil system.


Emergency power is supplied by a diesel driven 100KW Allis-Chalmer generator.  This machine is equipped to start automatically in the event of a power failure and transfer to the line automatically when it has attained proper speed.  This machine is located at frame 24, compartment A-101-L.  Switchboards and fuse wiring are so arranged that any machine can be connected with anyone or all of the three existing switchboards.  The system is versatile and satisfactory.


(Located in the Emergency Generator Room is a bank of lead-acid batteries which provides the power for starting the diesel driven generator.  The generator is also the starter, operating as a D.C. motor upon starting.  When the diesel engine starts, running under it's own power and attains the proper RPM, the battery connection is disconnected and the starting motor (the generator) becomes a generator. -Jimmie Barnes EM2, 1952-56)


AC power is supplied by 2AC motor generator sets located in the starboard pump room at Frame 53.  These machines are 10KVA capacity and generate single phase current at 120 volts.


The IC generators are operated singly and are equipped with a manual transfer switch which precludes ppl. operation.


Radio & radar equipment are supplied by 2 AC generators located in compartment A-202, frame 30 starboard.  Power is generated single phase at 220 volts on a three wire system.  These machines are not equipped for parallel operation.


Power to guns is supplied by three (3), 440 volt, 3 phase, 312 KVA motor generator sets.  Two of these units are located in the port pump room at frame 51 and one is located at frame 51 starboard pump room.


(j) Deck Machinery:


A.  Cranes - There are two (2) thirty-five ton cranes, one starboard and one port located at frame 64.  They are manufactured by M.L. Baynard & Co., Inc. for operation on 230 VDC.  They can be equipped with a single or two (2) part purchase.


B.  Anchor Gear - There are two (2) windlasses, one starboard and one port located at frame 10; of the vertical shaft type with warping head and wildcat on separate shafts:  A complete and independent machine for each anchor.  Two (2) 16,000 pound Bower Stockless anchors with 180 fathoms to port and 120 to starboard of 2-5/8 inch steel link chain comprises the ground tackle.


C.  Two (2) twenty-four (24) inch capstans are located on the main deck, starboard and port at frame 105; one (1) twenty-four (24) inch capstan on the second deck at frame 14 L.  The motors are variable speed, compound wound, 230 Volt D.C.  An electric brake is provided for holding the capstan barrel.


(k) Radio and Signal Equipment:


Radio receiving equipment consists of the following:


RAK        1          RBB        1        RBL       1

RAL        1          RBC        1        RBO       1

RAO        1          RBS        1        RDZ       1

BC-683-A   4         BC-603-DM  2


Radio transmitting equipment consists of the following:


TCS-13     1          TDZ        2        BC-684-A  1

BC-604-BM  1         


Miscellaneous radio equipment consists of the following:


AN/SGC-1   1          RA-87 Rectifier                1

URA-8A     1          Model Ps-1 Rectifier           1

TT-23/SG   1          Model 15 Teletype Page Printer 2


The following communication equipment is located in radio emergency:


Receivers -             RAK       1

                            RAL        1


Transmitters -             TBS    1          TCS    1

                                     TBL    1          TCZ    1


Miscellaneous - LM-18     1

                         Speech Amplifier unit CRV 50055   1

Portable BC-610 Transceivers      3


The following signal equipment is located on the after part of the 03 deck:


Flag Bags - One on port side, on the starboard side, each containing one full set of flags.  Halyards are located immediately above.


The following visual signaling equipment is located on the upper bridge:


Four (4) - 12' searchlights (two fwd port and starboard, and two aft port and starboard.


One (1) - 24" searchlight located aft just above the radar transmitter room.  This searchlight has a remote control located on the port side of the conning station just aft of the metal bulkhead which separates the OOD station and the ladders which lead to the Conn.


Two (2) remote controls for the yardarm blinkers are located port and starboard side forward.


One (1) remote control for the NANCY beacon is located on the port side of the conning station.


The following visual signaling gear is located on the yardarm:


Two (2) - Yardarm blinkers

Two (2) - NANCY beacons type X3A


Miscellaneous equipment is as follows:


Two (2) - C3A NANCY Receivers

Two (2) - C3 NANCY Receivers

Four (4) - NANCY Receivers

Three (3) - Type "H" hoods for NANCY signaling used with 12" searchlights.


(l) Compasses


The master gyro compass (a Sperry Mk 14 1A) is located on a flat in compartment B-407ET (starboard engine room) and to starboard of centerline.  Gyro repeaters are located as follows:


a.  Step by step repeaters


1.  Conning Station

2.  Pilot House

3.  Port wing, navigation bridge deck

4.  Starboard wing, navigation bridge deck

5.  Captain's Cabin

6.  Secondary Conning Station

7.  Steering Engine Room

8.  Summary Plotting Board, CIC


b.  Synchro repeaters


1.  SU Radar

2.  SA Radar

3.  D.R.A. (CIC)


Magnetic compasses are located as follows:


1.  Conning Station (standard compass)

2.  Pilot house (steering compass)

3.  Secondary Conning Station


The chart house is provided with the following:


LORAN - Fada DAS-3 receiver indicator


FATHOMETER - NMC recording-indicating fathometer, range (nominal) 3 to 4000                                        fathoms.


(m) Radar Installation


Radar installations are located in Combat Information Center and include an SU type surface search, an SA type air search.  A VD type repeater is located on the open bridge.







Division                                              Operations                                         Rates Assigned


 "O"                                                     Communications Division                      RM, TE, RD, ET

 "N"                                                     Navigations Division                                    QM, YN




 "1st"                                                  Deck                                                   BM, Seamen

 "2nd"                                                 Deck                                                   BM, Seamen

 "G"                                                     Gunnery                                             GM, FT, FC, Seamen




 "A"                                                     Auxiliary Division                              MM, EN, Firemen

 "B"                                                     Boiler Division                                              BT, Firemen

 "M"                                                    Main Engine Division                                  MM, Firemen

 "E"                                                     Electrical Division                            EM, IC, Firemen

 "R"                                                     Repair Division                                  DC, FP, ME




 "S"                                                     Supply Division                                  SK, CS, DK, SH, SD,



Enlisted complement and Allocation of Personnel for Peacetime. 18 November 1952.

Ratings - Total 300


E7          E6            E5            E4            E3            E2            E1

BM                  2            3            3            4

QM                  1            2            3            3

RD                   1            2            3            3         

QM                              1            2            4

FC                               1            1            1

ET                                1            1            1

TE                                                        1

RM                  1            2            2            2

YN                   1                      1            1

PN                               1

SK                   1                      2            2

DK                               1

CS                   1            2            2            3

SH                               1            3

SN                                                                   40            42

MM                  3            6            9            10

EN                   1            2            3            4

MR                              1            1            1

BT                    1            3            5            6

EM                   1            3            3            4

IC                                 1                      1

ME                               1            1            2

FP                    1            2            2            3

DC                               1            2            3

FN                                                                   22       

FA                                                                                24

HM                  1            1            1            1

SD                   1            1            1            2            2            3


Totals              18            37            50            62            64            69            300


Enlisted Complement and Allocation of Personnel for Wartime.  16 Feb. 1953.

Total 335


Ratings            E7            E6            E5            E4            E3            E2            E1

BM                  2            3            3            6

GM                  1            3            3            4

QM                  1            2            3            4

FC                               1            1            2

SN                                                                   40       

SA                                                                                43

RM                  1            2            2            2

ET                                1            1            2

RD                               1            3            5

DC                               2            3            5

ME                               1            2            3

FP                    1            2            4            5

MM                  3            6            9            10

MR                              1            1            2

EN                   1            2            3            4

EM                   1            3            4            4

BT                    1            4            5            5

FN                                                                   22

FA                                                                                24

YN                   1            1            1            1

PN                               1

SK                   1            1            1            2

DK                               1

SH                                           2            3

HM                  1            1            1            2

TE                                1

CS                   1            3            3            5

SD                   1            1            2            2

TN        3

TA        5

IC                                 1                      1

Total 335




Peacetime Allowance, dated 20 February 1951

Billet Description     CDR   LCDR            LT            LTJG            ENS            WO

Commanding Officer            1

Exec. Off/Operations                      1

Asst. Operations                                         1

Navigator                                                       1

Communications                                                      1

Engineering Officer                                    1

Asst. Eng. Officer                                                                        1 Mach

Elect. Officer                                                                         1 Elect

Damage Control and

Repair Officer                                                                        1 Carp

1st Lt. & Gunnery                                             1

Asst. Gunnery                                                         1

Asst. 1st Lieut.                                                                          1 Bosn

Supply Officer                                                1

Disbursing                                                                 1

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Totals                                      1                                              1            1            2            4            2            4

Total all Officers - 14



Wartime Complement, dated 15 June 1948

Billet Description                CDR            LCDR            LT            LTJG            ENS            WO

Commanding Officer                        1

Executive Officer                                    1

Operations Officer &

Navigator                                           1

Communications Officer                                         1

CIC Officer                                                                             1

First Lieutenant                                                     1                      1            1 Bosn

Gunnery Officer                                                            1

Engineering Officer                                                1

Asst. Eng. Officer                                                            1                      1 Mach

Electrical Officer                                                                                    1 Elect

Damage Control Asst &

Repair Officer                                                1

Hull Repair                                                                                         1 Carp

Supply Officer                                                            1                                  1 PCLK

Medical Officer                                                1

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Totals                                      1                                                          1            1            6            3            2            5

Total of all Officers - 18



1.  Officer's Berthing


Captain's Cabin                    1

Executive Officer's            1

Other Officer's                    17

Total. . . . .      19


2.  Crew Berthing


Compartment                         Division                      Number

A-0101-1L                                   C & R                           66

A-0101-3L                                   1st                               63

A-0101-4L                                   2nd & S                      60

A-0101-19L                                 E & M                          48

A-0101-21L                                 CPO                             18

A-0101-22L                                 A & R                           48

A-0101-24L                                 B                                  24

A-209L                                     S                                  20

Total . . . . . . 347


3.  Emergency Troop Berthing


40 Cots

34 Hammocks






The compartmentation and marking system of this ship is in most respects similar to that of other ships of the Navy.  While the design of this ship is such that the well constitutes the greater part of the vessel, and a large number of the compartments are used as ballast tanks, the Standard Navy marking system is used.


This ship is divided into three sub-divisions, namely A, B, and C.  The decks are numbered as follows:  the main deck 1; deck or partial deck above main deck 01; below the main deck 2 and 3.


The "A" part of the ship takes in all spaces of extreme bow back to the forward bulkhead of the forward engine room.  "B" section from the forward bulkhead of the forward engine room, to the after bulkhead of the after engine room.  "C" from after bulkhead of the after engine room to stern of ship.


The first figure of the numbering group designates the deck level, the last figure of the numbering group gives the location as to port or starboard; even numbers to port, odd numbers starboard.


The affix of the numbering group indicates by letter the use of the compartment as follows:


A - Storage spaces                                    L - Living compartments

B - Battery compartments                      M- Ammunition spaces

C - Navigation and Comm.                 T - Trunks

E - Machinery Spaces                       V - Voids

F - Fuel                                     W - Water


Example of compartment numbering; C-301-W would be a compartment on the starboard side of the ship, third deck in the central section and used for water or ballast.


In addition to the above markings, all doors, hatches, man holes, valves and ventilation ducts found in any compartments will be plainly marked with letters to clarify their being opened or closed.  This constitutes a part of the damage control organization of the ship.


(a) Condition of readiness:


The ASHLAND has been designated as a two-condition ship, involving two steps of readiness in reaching the complete battle material condition.  The steps are as follows:


(1) Material Condition Baker

This condition is required at sea and in port during war or when enemy action appears probable.


(2) Material Condition ABLE

This condition is always set when General Quarters is sounded and it is a function of the General Quarters movement.  The setting of this condition assures the fullest degree of watertight integrity for battle and affords maximum protection against gas attack.


The Battle Condition and the Material Condition must not be confused; the former refers to the armament, and the latter to damage control, watertight integrity, and the correction of list and trim.


(b) X-RAY Classification

X-RAY doors, fittings, etc., are always closed in peace and war except during periods when they are in use, being repaired, cleaned, inspected or if necessary to open in case of fire.

Authority to open:  During Material Condition ABLE and BAKER - Damage Control Officer of his authorized representative.



(c) YOKE Classification

YOKE fittings are to be closed when material condition BAKER or ABLE is set and daily from 1700 to "Light Ship" or reveille and during emergencies.


(d) ZEBRA Classification:

ZEBRA doors and fittings are normally open day and night for the operation of the ship and for ready access to battle stations.  However, ZEBRA fittings which permit the escape or reflection of light outside the ship must be closed during darkened ship condition.


E. WILLIAM Classification

WILLIAM doors, scuttles, passing scuttles, valves, and fittings are open or closed as necessary during action in order to fight the ship.


Ladders marked "Officers Only" or ordinarily reserved for officers use shall be considered available for general traffic in emergencies.  Where the construction of the ship or the blocking of passage-ways does not permit observation of the rules to move forward on the starboard and aft on the port side, men shall keep to the right with respect to the direction in when they are moving.