Misc. Ashland Pictures

A collection of pictures of USS Ashland (LSD-1). These are new, unsorted, and many are unidentified.

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1.  Label on photograph says 1951 deck force.

2.  Ashland at the pier in St. Johns, Newfoundland in the early 1950's.

3. Ray Dubrowski, now Ray Colvin, by the aft port anchor windless,
    early 1950's.   24 KB

    4.  Ashland in the 1950's.   The white square between the stacks is the movie screen.

5.   The hillside looks like Oran, Algeria. Comments?

6.   34 KB  Click here for a much larger photo

7.    64 KB

8.    42 KB  Click here for a much larger photo, 159 KB

9.    42 KB    Click here for a larger photo, 61 KB
          Click here for a much larger photo, 112 KB

10.    126 KB

11.    Ships Party, USS Ashland, Moose Hall, March 12, 1953.    Philadelphia,     PA?  184 KB

12.    Picture quality is poor because this picture was copied from a photocopy.

13.    Ashland on a post card.

14.    USS Lindenwald follows the icebreaker past the icebergs.

15.    USS White Marsh ripped open her starboard side in the ice.   She is ballested down on port side while repairs are made.

16.    Darvin Hoke says this is Jimmie Barnes.   Jimmie says it is Darvin.   Darvin has the picture.   Unknown LSD in the background.

17.    Ashland ballasted down.  Picture taken in the 1960's after the 5" gun was removed.