"IMPATIENCE AND SENSE OF URGENCY

                                                           TEMPERED WITH REALISM CAN NEVER

                                                                      LEAD TO COMPLACENCY"

MONDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 1967                                   AT SEA                              DO NOT REMOVE FROM THE SHIP

Uniform of the Day                                                         Working Uniform

OFF & CPO - Tropical White Long                                   OFF and CPO - Working Khaki with Short Sleeve Shirts

ENL - Tropical White Long                                              ENL - Clean Dungarees with Short Sleeve Shirts and White                                                                                               Hats

Carry out the daily at sea routine as prescribed in the Ship's Organization and Regulation Manual except as modified below:

0500 - Reveille.

0545 - Breakfast for the crew.

0700 - Secure from breakfast.  Liberty expires on board for all hands.  All divisions check for

setting of Material Condition YOKE.

0710 - Quarters for muster and inspection.

0715 - Officers call.

0730 - Station the Special Sea and Anchor Detail.

0750 - Quarters for leaving port.  Uniform is Tropical White Long.

0805 - Underway for anchorage LA7.  Commence Z-5-N Precision Piloting exercise.

0830 - Station the Ballast Detail.  Prepare to receive LCU 1625.

0915 - (About) Conduct modified Z-36-A.  Embark LCU 1625.

1000 - (About) Underway, commence Low Visibility Piloting exercise, Z-7-N.

1100 - Early dinner.

1130 - Knock off ship's work.  Dinner for the crew.

1230 - Secure from dinner.  Turn to, continue ship's work.

1300 - (About) General Quarters Drill.  Check setting of Material Condition ZEBRA. Exercise Z-10-D.

1400 - Prepare to abandon ship.

1600 - Knock off ship's work.  Shift into the clean uniform of the day.

1630 - Early supper.

1700 - Supper for the crew.

1730 - Secure from supper.

1900 - Duty divisions "X", "N" & "3rd" rig for movies.

1930 - Movie call.

2130 - Duty divisions unrig movies.

2200 - TAPS. Lights out, maintain silence about the decks.  The smoking lamp is out in all berthing spaces.


1.  UNIFORM CHANGE:  All personnel be prepared to shift into the fall uniform 18 September 1967 (at which time we are in Davisville).  Blues for enlisted men, Blues/Khakis for Officers & Chief Petty Officers.

2.  HEAVY WEATHER:  Heavy weather can be expected during the trip to Davisville.  All departments ensure that spaces and gear are secured for sea prior to getting underway.

3.  Article 95 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice:  ARREST AND CONFINEMENT: Any person subject to this code who resists apprehension or breaks arrest or who escapes from custody or confinement shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

4.  Article 4213 of the Ship's Organization and Regulation Manual:  CREW'S HEAD AND WASHROOMS: Crew's heads and washrooms will be open at all times except when closed for cleaning in accordance with the prescribed daily cleaning schedule.

    No person shall loiter, read, or dry clothing in any crew's head or washroom.

    No person shall throw rubbish or other solid matter in troughs, bowls, or urinals.

                                                                                                                                                J. R. Eggleston, LT, USN

                                                                                                                                                   Command Duty Officer